Yorkshire Lavender

I have been to Yorkshire Lavender twice this summer and really enjoyed it. It is a herb garden, obviously focusing mainly on lavender, but there is a huge range of other herbs too. They also have an amazing selection of herbs and plants for sale, including some rather unusual ones that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Some of my favourite unusual herbs were those that looked like a regular herb but smelt of something totally different, such as ginger rosemary, lemon curd thyme and basil mint. There were also pineapple sage and tangerine sage, although they looked rather more like mints than sages.

Some of the herbs were less well scented than others but interesting for other reasons, such as magic carpet thyme which was tiny and spread like a lawn, and a variety of sage which grew in huge bushes with large flowers (I forget its name).

The children also enjoyed Yorkshire Lavender, they ran through the lavender maze, played lavender snakes and ladders, tried to make friends with the deer and generally enjoyed being out in the countryside for an hour or two.

Yorkshire Lavender is free to visit, has a lovely gift shop, a lavender themed tearoom, and a wonderful range of herbs to enjoy in the gardens or bring home from the shop.

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