Winding down and making changes

After a wonderful summer holiday full of fun activities with friends and family, things are settling back down into their usual states and we’re getting back into our normal routines. It feels like a suitable time to turn over a new leaf and make some positive changes.

The main things I want to focus on for now are diet and exercise. I have done very little exercise over the summer, partly because I’ve been so busy, and partly because of a lack of motivation. I got out of the habit of doing yoga every day, and I want to get back into that, as well as doing something more aerobic. I also want to stop eating so much preprepared food (spicy bean burgers, I’m talking about you) and replace it with fresh fruit and salad.

I have tried some healthy foods over the summer that I wouldn’t usually have eaten and I intend to keep them in my diet. I will prepare a salad for lunch instead of throwing crap in the oven, I will keep fruit in the house to snack on, and I will drink more water.

I will try and do 30 minutes of exercise each day, alternating between yoga and wii fit for now. I would like to start running but I don’t have suitable shoes yet, so that will come later. There are plenty of aerobic exercises on wii fit to get me started.

Using this time of getting settled into a routine again to build these new habits into my life, I should be able to improve my health and fitness, which will in turn improve my motivation and energy levels and give me a great foundation to make further positive changes in my life.

I am a completely different person to who I was a few years ago, and I can’t wait to see who I can become in another few years if I keep working on improving things in my life.


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