Truth as the Basis for Belief

I have always thought beliefs should be based upon truth. It seems to make sense. I believe that my house exists because it appears to be true. I see it all the time, I can touch it, other people can see it too. It is definitely true that my house exists, therefore my belief in it is rational and sound.

I have spent a lot of time trying to find a truth on which to base my beliefs about other things, such as my belief that thoughts create or alter reality or that our spirit survives beyond the death of our bodies. I have thrown myself into a search for some ultimate truth about the meaning of life, the point of existence, something on which to base my beliefs. However, I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible for us to know the truth about such things. Either, such a truth is beyond our comprehension, or it simply doesn’t exist.

Over the last few years I have struggled to find meaning in my life. If there is no way of knowing what we are doing here, how are we supposed to know what we are supposed to be doing with our lives? How do we decide what is a better way to spend our time when there seems to be no definable way of knowing what we should be aiming for? When you accept that you can’t possibly understand the reason you are here, or that there may not even be a reason at all, everything starts to seem a little pointless. How do you find meaning once you’ve accepted that there isn’t any meaning out there?

I decided that if I can’t base my beliefs about the meaning of life on a truth that is impossible to define, I must base them on something else. It became clear to me that the only thing one can use as the basis for their belief system is the effect that those beliefs have on the way they feel and the way they live their lives.

I once believed that the only things that existed were concrete things that could be proven by science, and that when people die, that is the end of them. These beliefs were based on what I could see to be true. I wasn’t satisfied with this way of viewing the world though. It seemed cold and ultimately pointless. If we’re just filling in time before we die, we must be pretty insignificant and worthless. This didn’t exactly thrill me.

More recently, I have come to believe that there is more to the universe that meets the eye. There is some kind of invisible energy running through things, linking everything together. Things seem to happen for reasons. The way I think about things seems to affect the things themselves. With these beliefs, the world fascinates me. My life feels like an adventure that I’m convinced will continue beyond the death of my body. These beliefs clearly serve me better than my old ones.

My new beliefs are certainly not based upon a foundation of truths. Instead, they are based on the way they make me feel about myself and my life. It no longer matters to me that my beliefs can be proven, that they are actually true. I have accepted that the truth cannot be known, and chosen beliefs that make me feel good about life.

Rather than selecting beliefs based on what can be proven by science or confirmed by the senses and other people’s agreement, I choose beliefs that make me feel excited, fascinated and motivated. Instead of attempting to find proofs for my beliefs, I try to see positive changes in my life that my beliefs help me to bring about. If something I believe helps me to achieve something, that is much more valuable to me than a belief that is based on truth but that brings me down. If a belief isn’t working for me, I look for something that I would feel better about and try to integrate that into my belief system.

I have found that anchoring my beliefs on a foundation of positivity rather than truth has been very liberating and has led me in a completely new direction in life. I no longer feel the need to understand something incomprehensible in order to find a sense of meaning and fulfilment. I just go for what feels right to me, and the motivation, creativity and fulfilment I get is all the justification I need.

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