Settling in

We have spent the last few weeks unpacking, getting settled into our new house and making it a home.

Our new kitchen is amazing. There is so much more usable space than our old had, which makes it a lot nicer to cook in. The electric oven produces crispier food than my old gas one. I haven’t got used to this hob though, while it is gas like my old one, it seems to be a lot hotter. This is useful for boiling water but not so good for simmering soups. My last attempt resulted in a thick, stodgy paste. Yum.

The living room in our new house is smaller and cosier than the old one. Although there is no spare space, there is still enough room for everything we use it for (namely sitting on the sofa watching tv or surfing the internet) so I don’t mind that it’s smaller. I do miss watching the birds in the garden from the sofa, our new living room is at the front of the house.

I love our new bedroom, which is in the attic. We have a gigantic bed which didn’t really fit in our old house, and now we have space to walk around it, and spare space to keep all my sewing and craft supplies.

The girls are enjoying their new arrangement, they have a bedroom between them and what we call the family room, a playroom/living room of their own. They seem to prefer it to the old house where my eldest had her own room and the younger two shared.

The garden here is amazing, there is so much space and potential. I can’t wait until spring when I can get out there and make use of it. It’s a shame we moved just as it started to get cold and dark.

We’re feeling settled and at home now, and we’re almost organised. I think we’re going to enjoy living here.

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