Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms

For my birthday back in February I received a grow your own mushrooms kit. It’s taken a bit of time to get it started, we had some mushrooms start growing then dry out, and we had trouble with water pooling and going a funny colour.

The instructions said to leave the plastic bag around the growing medium and cut slits for the mushrooms to grow through. This seemed to be the cause of the problems we were having. A large clump of mushrooms managed to grow through a hole in the corner of the plastic bag, which left a big hole when I picked them. I noticed that the next lot of mushrooms was growing well near the hole, but another clump growing under the plastic started out and then died off. I decide to remove the plastic and see if that helped.

Since I took the plastic off, the mushrooms in the picture have grown in that corner, and another clump has started to grow at the other end of the box. I think we’ve managed to make them happy.

Mushrooms are the most fun thing I’ve grown so far, they shoot up so quickly after they have appeared. These ones only started growing a few days ago and they’re already so big that they have knocked the lid off the box they’re growing in. I will pick them today to make room for more to grow.

I also have a box of white mushrooms which I have recently started. Nothing exciting has happened to those ones yet, but as soon as we get some mushrooms I will post a picture. I wonder what other kinds of mushroom I could grow?

One thought on “Oyster Mushrooms”

  1. I think it’s really hard to grow a mushroom. it requires a lot of knowledge for there are mushrooms that are poisonous. but since you’re very much aware of what you’re planting I’m pretty sure that you’ll do well.

    – Jack Leak

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