Moving house

We had a bit of upheaval this week. Our landlord suggested we take a look around his other house last weekend and see if we would prefer to move into it. We had a nosey round on Saturday and took very little time to think about it. It was on the next street over, and had a huge garden. We decided to move in immediately.

Monday was the first day we moved some of our things over. I spent the day sorting and organising some of my stuff, and when Ric got home from work we rushed some dinner, loaded the car and dumped everything in the new living room. By the time we were done it was 10pm so we put the kids to bed and sat down to relax.

On Tuesday I unpacked what we had left at the new house and organised the next load to move across. We went through the same process and once again finished at 10pm. It was pretty exhausting and I ached from moving furniture when I was already tired.

By Wednesday we had help on hand in the form of my wonderful parents in law. They helped us move the next load in, and we took more than we expected, having 2 cars to fill this time. We were done by 7.30pm and had a late but more relaxed dinner.

On Friday, we moved almost everything that was left, and spent the night in the new house for the first time, sleeping on mattresses on the floor and struggling to find anything among the piles of bags and half dismantled furniture. Saturday we were exhausted, but managed to get the last few bits of furniture over and organise a little bit of space between the piles of stuff we had yet to unpack.

Sunday was a lot more organised, we got our furniture built and most of our belongings were either located and put in the right room or moved out of the way to be sorted later on. A home was beginning to emerge out of the chaos.

Last night we had real beds to sleep in, a usable kitchen, and visible floor space in most of the rooms. The girls’ bedroom is unpacked and looks really nice. My bedroom is recognisable as a bedroom, although it is still a bit disorganised. There is still a lot to do, but considered it’s only been 9 days since we first looked around the house, we’re doing amazingly well.

I would like to thank my parents in law for all their help, my mum for keeping me sane from the other end of the phone, and my landlord for all the odd jobs he’s done for us, you’ve all helped to make this move so much easier than it would have been otherwise.

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