Moving House

We’ve lived in our current house for over three years, and it’s really too small for our family. The girls are growing up fast and it’s past time they had more space. Until recently, our budget just wouldn’t stretch to a bigger house, especially while we got our company off the ground. Things have improved a lot lately and we’re ready to make the leap.

I’ve been looking at houses online for a few months while we made sure our finances were in shape and thought about what we wanted from our new home, so I could get an idea of what was available at what price. I saw a couple houses that would have been great for us, but there weren’t many. I decided we were ready to stop browsing and start seriously considering houses around the middle of January.

Actually, it was January 21st, four weeks before we were expecting house guests. I didn’t expect anything to turn up in time to move before our guests arrived, but I was excited to start looking at potential new homes. The following morning, a house appeared in my inbox that looked perfect. It was a little further from the girls’ schools than I wanted, but I couldn’t find any other negatives. A few emails later, we had an appointment to view it.

We spent the weekend checking out the area, both online and in person. We really couldn’t find anything to dislike about the house, and hoped that the viewing would live up to our expectations. It did, and we decided to go for it straight away. We paid the fees and waited for the application process to go through. A few nerve-wracking days later, we were approved and our moving date was confirmed.

We spent the next weekend sorting through our belongings, donating and throwing away an astonishing amount of junk that we didn’t want to take with us. We collected boxes from grocery stores and started packing. We’re organised, focussed and motivated. We have six days left before moving day, then exactly two weeks until our visitors arrive.

Moving house forces you to change your perspective about what’s important to you. You have to take a critical look at your possessions, which is something I don’t often feel the need to do. I was genuinely surprised by the volume of stuff we decided not to keep, and how much of that stuff wasn’t even worth donating. I have no idea why we were keeping some of it, other than because nothing had prompted us to think about why we still had it until now.

Moving also makes you rethink how you’re spending your time, especially when you decide to move on such short notice. There were just ten days between us confirming the move and our moving day. The idea of sorting through my stuff usually fills me with dread. I imagine it taking up lots of space, making a huge mess, being a lot of work and taking a long time. I had no idea that I would be able to sort the entire house in just three days, taking frequent tea breaks and actually enjoying the process.

I was also surprised by the number of things that I had collected for projects I planned to start that seemed like a great idea at the time but I never made time for. And not just that I had the stuff, but that I wasn’t at all bothered about getting rid of it. I guess those projects weren’t as important to me as I thought they were.

Moving gives you a fresh start in more ways than one. You get a new house and new neighbours, but you also get a new perspective on who you are as a person, what your priorities are, and what you want to do with your time.

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