Laundry blues

A few weeks ago I began having problems with my electricity. The switch kept tripping and we had no idea why. After a few times, the fuse in an extension cable in the kitchen blew. Our landlord is an electrician and we asked him to take a look. He thought our socket might be overloaded, so he rearranged some of our plugs so that they were more evenly spread.

The switch kept tripping and the fuse blew a few more times. We began to realise that it was always when the washing machine was on. The machine seemed to be working fine, so we tried running it without any other appliances on. Sometimes it was fine, but sometimes it tripped the switch or blew a fuse.

As time passed, we found that the power was going out more and more frequently, and then we noticed that when the power tripped, there was a blue flash inside the washing machine.  We gave up and called the repair line.

The first appointment slot they could give us was a week after I called. I complained that I couldn’t live without my machine for that long but there was nothing they could do, so I waited. Friends and family got regular visits with bin bags full of dirty clothes that week. The guy finally came out to us on a Monday afternoon. He said he would take a look at it, but it sounded like a common problem so he should be able to fix it there and then.

Of course, it never happens like that, does it? After inspecting various parts of the washing machine, he told me that the heating element had gone and I would need a new one. He didn’t have one with him, so I would have to wait while it was ordered. He would take it out so that he could find the part number, and he would book me another appointment for the repair.

On closer inspection, it turned out that the heating element, which is usually a sort of fork like shape, had blown so badly that it was now more like a large V shape. This meant that he couldn’t remove it from the machine without breaking the drum. He ordered me a new drum and element. He also ordered me a new door seal as he thought mine was discoloured.

I waited another 8 days for him to return. Friends and family were inundated with more black bags full of laundry. I’m sure they were getting as sick of seeing them as I was getting sick of delivering them.

This morning I got a text message from the repair people to say that the repair guy would be visiting before lunch. I had a sneaky suspicion that something wouldn’t be right, but ignored it, welcomed him back into my kitchen and left him to it.

After two hours of funny noises coming from my kitchen, odd looking bits of washing machine going in and out of the house and lots of finger crossing and hoping, I heard the sound of water pumping into my washing machine. It works!

I’ve never been so happy to put a load of laundry on. Guess what I’ll be doing for the rest of the week.

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