Hand Spinning

Drop spindle
Drop spindle

This afternoon I picked up my long neglected spindle to have another go at spinning yarn.

I have tried spinning before without much success. I used poor quality wool and didn’t really know what I was doing. It came out very uneven, lumpy and quite ugly.

I thought I would give it another go, you don’t get better without trying right? So I grabbed some welsh mountain wool that’s been on my shelf forever, and my spindle.

Today’s effort was a little bit better than my previous attempts. I managed to get a relatively smooth yarn, although it was still a bit uneven. I struggle to get the spindle to actually spin for more than a second at a time, so it spends most of it’s time clamped between my knees while I try and get the wool to do what I want it to.

I also have trouble getting my yarn any thinner than super chunky without it falling apart. I do like super chunky yarn, so this isn’t altogether a bad thing, but I would prefer to be able to make super chunky on purpose rather than just because that’s how it came out.

I definitely need a lot more practise, and I should probably take a class at some point, but for now, I will enjoy the little bit of super chunky yarn that I managed to create.

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