The Forbidden Corner

The most exciting place we visited during our crazy fortnight with my brother and sister was the Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire. We had all been before but it hadn’t lost its charm.

The Forbidden Corner is difficult to describe. It is part garden, part fairy tale, part quest, part maze, part adventure. It is a wonderful place filled with gardens, woodland, tunnels, statues, gates, doors that only open from one side, rooms with multiple doors, some leading nowhere, and all sorts of whimsical things. Read more

A Long Fortnight

My brother and sister visited for a fortnight and left today. I have really enjoyed having them over, and we went all sorts of places and did all sorts of things. It was a lot of fun, but exhausting, and settling back into our normal routine will take some effort. I will post about some of the places we went over the next few days as I get back to normal. In the mean time I will be catching up on housework, gardening and all the other things that took a back seat while I enjoyed having my family here. Read more

A Fresh Start

After a very adventurous move from Toronto, Canada back to the UK before christmas, we’re finally settling into our new home and our new life.

My fiancé and I lived in Toronto for 3 years with my three daughters, but he didn’t qualify for residency so we had to return to the UK.  We were having money trouble before we moved, and we depended on credit cards to get us back home.  We stayed with our wonderful family while we figured out what we were doing and got back on our feet.

Once we had decided to stay in England, our luck changed for the better and everything started to fall into place.  Ric got a great job that he is enjoying as much as he will ever enjoy a job.  We found a really nice house to rent with three bedrooms and a garden, a huge improvement on the two bedroomed apartment we had in Canada. Read more