About Kate

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson


Hi, I’m Kate Hudson. Welcome to my blog.

I run QWeb, a web development company, with my partner. I’m also a student, I’m currently doing an access course in engineering and applying to study architecture at university.

Although the rest of my family are omnivores, I eat a vegan diet and I like to cook from scratch. I love baking my own bread and using fresh herbs. I eat a lot of chocolate. I occasionally post recipes, or tales of my adventures in the kitchen.

I enjoy crafts, including knitting, crochetsewing and spinning yarn. I usually blog about things I’ve made.

I’m a pagan, although not a typical one. I don’t believe in deities, the supernatural or anything paranormal, but I do find the natural world awe inspiring. I practise my own style of witchcraft. I collect tarot decks, which I’m kind of obsessed with. I also love stone circles and ancient monuments.

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