A Fresh Start

After a very adventurous move from Toronto, Canada back to the UK before christmas, we’re finally settling into our new home and our new life.

My fiancé and I lived in Toronto for 3 years with my three daughters, but he didn’t qualify for residency so we had to return to the UK.  We were having money trouble before we moved, and we depended on credit cards to get us back home.  We stayed with our wonderful family while we figured out what we were doing and got back on our feet.

Once we had decided to stay in England, our luck changed for the better and everything started to fall into place.  Ric got a great job that he is enjoying as much as he will ever enjoy a job.  We found a really nice house to rent with three bedrooms and a garden, a huge improvement on the two bedroomed apartment we had in Canada.

We have moved in, unpacked (almost), and are starting to feel settled.  There is a lot to get used to living in a small town in the countryside after having lived in a huge city, and as with most things there are pros and cons.  I miss the 24 hour grocery store just around the corner, and the subway across the street which connected us to the whole city.  Of course I miss the people we left behind, especially my sister who spent more time at my place than her own.

The pros balance things out nicely though, I absolutely love having a garden where I can grow things, the girls can play, and I can have pets.  I like the peace and quiet, and the darkness at night.  It’s nice to be able to see the stars.  I’m even enjoying having a car, without which we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere but Morrisons.

It’s great to be back online, and I am looking forward to sharing my adventures 🙂

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